Google Search Console Issues Fixing

Unlock the potential of your website with our expert Google Search Console issue fixing services. From indexing problems to technical errors, we provide tailored solutions to enhance your site’s visibility and performance. Trust our experienced team to optimize your online presence and drive traffic to your business.

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Results We Drive For Our Clients

Our proven expertise in Google Search Console issue resolution delivers tangible results. Witness improved rankings and enhanced online visibility through our comprehensive solutions. See screenshots for evidence!

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Traffic Increased:

32.7 %

Impression Increased: 

37.6 %

Leads Increased:

7 %

Traffic Increased:

529 %

Impression Increased: 

647 %

Leads Increased:

200 %

Google Search Console Issues Fixing<br />
Google Search Console Issues Fixing (1)

Traffic Increased:

172.4 %

Impression Increased: 

188.2 %

Leads Increased:

12.7 %

Traffic Increased:

29.3 %

Impression Increased: 

38 %

Leads Increased:

5 %

Google Search Console Issues Fixing (2)

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Summary of Issues We Fixed for Your Website!

Redirect Error

Http Marked with Canonical Tag

Indexing Errors

Submitted Url Dropped

Blocked by Page Removal Tool

Crawl Errors

500 Error Server

Not Found 404

Sitemaps Optimizations

404 Error

Url Blocked by Robots.txt

Url Marked ‘Noindex’

Soft 404

Blocked Due to Unauthorised Request (401)

Blocked Due to Access Forbidden (403)

Url Blocked Due to Other 4xx Issue

Crawled – Currently Not Indexed

Discovered – Currently Not Indexed

Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag

Duplicate Without User-Selected Canonical

Duplicate, Google Chose Different Canonical Than User

Page Has a Crawl Issue

search console issues fixing

Google Search Console. Quick Guides.

Master Google Search Console with our Quick Guides! Unlock the power of data, optimize performance, and boost your website’s visibility effortlessly. Start maximizing your online presence today!

How To Share Google Search Console Access?

Sharing Google Search Console Access is very simple. First, go to the settings tab in the search console dashboard and then click on Users and Permission as shown below in the screenshot. Then Click on the Add User Icon Button and put your email there with the access type you want to share. That’s it

google search console issues
add email search console

How To Verify Google Search Console?

There are multiple ways you can verify your Google Search Console few of them are listed below:


Search Console verification With Yoast:

 To verify Search Console with Yoast SEO goto Yoast General setting and click site Connections and then goto the Google Section there as shown in screenshot below paste your code and click on save changes. You’re done.

Search Console Verification With Yoast SEO

Search Console Verification With RankMath SEO:

Goto RankMath General Setting and then Click on Webmaster Tool and in Google Search Console Section paster code you copy from Google Search Console Dashboard. And Click on verify, Congratulations you are done!

Search Console Verification With RankMath SEO:

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